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"This book provides a wealth of information ... more before and after photos and in-depth information than one might anticipate in a book with such a fun title. It is not a light read but it is an essential one for anyone seriously considering altering their face or body in any small or large way. This is a well-researched book that will help you to make important decisions based on sound science. It should be handed out at plastic surgeons' offices. I will recommend it to my counseling clients who so often believe that a little nip and tuck will make them feel better about themselves. Tick Tock will provide them with a realistic idea about what they are signing up for." 
Reviewed by Sunny Massad, Ph.D.   


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"This book is for anyone who is thinking about stopping the aging process. Lois Stern has done an excellent job of providing the information to make an intelligent decision on how to make the right decision on cutting edge facial and body treatments without the knife. You need to buy this book before you decide to trust anyone to work on your face or body. On a scale of 1 to 5, I give this book a 10. Great job Lois."
Reviewed by Michael Monji "Tree Whisperer" (Bakersfield, Ca.)



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“Congratulations to Lois Stern for following up her fabulous book Sex Lies and Cosmetic Surgery with an equally informative one. Tick Tock Stop the Clock is well written and filled with incredible information from renowned experts in the health and beauty field. This book is for anyone serious about affordable ways to enhance their appearance.” 
Reviewed by Jerry Simmons
Indi Publishing; Former Vice president The Time Warner Book Group 


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A Must Read for Anyone Considering Cosmetic Enhancement,
As a nurse and someone who has previously researched cosmetic procedures I have to say I was quite surprised at the depth and completeness of this text. Tick Tock Stop The Clock is a wealth of information that far exceeded my expectations. Lois has gathered experts in various fields within cosmetic surgery to provide background, options, and opinion on the various cosmetic procedures. The book is primarily directed toward women and is arranged in chapters starting with lasers and dermal fillers followed by skin, teeth, hair, etc. The information provided is up to date including options that are expected to have FDA approval in the next 1-2 years. Anyone considering a procedure to stop the aging process should read this text cover to cover. As a nurse, I would personally love to see the book handed out in plastic surgeon offices and medical spas. The book includes detailed explanations, before and after photos including some photos of procedures gone bad and insightful commentary on the options."

Reviewed by Victoria Powell "VP Medical Consulting” (Benton, AR)


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"How many times have you walked past a magazine stand and shot an envious glance at the sculpted physiques, flawless complexions, radiant smiles and flowing tresses of the models featured on the covers? Or watched an MTV Spring Break Special and wished you could have the same chiseled abs as the hunks and hotties having the time of their lives?

The practice of plastic surgery is nothing new; however, many people still remain unaware of the wide variety of non-surgical procedures available to help eliminate the problem areas of our bodies and turn back the clock on aging. Furthermore, the general perception regarding plastic surgery is that it’s expensive, time-consuming, and - worst of all - often life-threatening.

Well, thanks to Tick Tock, Stop The Clock, those misconceptions can finally be put to rest. In the pages of Lois W. Stern’s new seminal work on the world of beauty enhancement, readers worldwide are treated to a wealth of tips and general practices designed to reveal the simple, practical techniques they can follow to improve their physical appearance. Even better, Stern allows the reader to see just how cost-affordable the practices and techniques are, effectively eliminating the fear of having to pay and arm and a leg to – well, have better arms and legs . . . .

Complete with detailed explanations, revealing photos, and insightful commentary, Tick Tock, Stop The Clock is required reading for anyone with even the slightest interest in improving their health and overall appearance. An excellent, well-crafted, and timely read."

Reviewed By Kenya Dow                    


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"Tick Tock, Stop The Clock, Lois' latest fabulous new book is an invaluable resource for all of us who want to look beautiful on our lunch hour. Who has time these days for long, post-treatment recovery? Lois tells us how to look years younger, well rested, with minimal recovery and lasting results - all in quick, in-office procedure time.”
Reviewed by Patty Kovacs
8 year Host of the
Health and Beauty Revolution Show

(Patty interviewed over 450 NY Times best selling authors on her show.)


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"In her second book Tick Tock Stop the Clock, Lois W. Stern has achieved two objectives. She enlightens women, and men, on how to alter the continual ticking of the aging clock, a process which begins at birth. Secondly, she has extended the possibilities beyond all previous attitude, financial and gender boundaries that barred all but the elite and wealthy from the possibilities in cosmetic enhancement, a multi-billion dollar industry if one includes non-invasive procedures. It’s a ‘how to’ book for ‘how to’ books! 

In her first work, Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery, the author addressed the psychological ramifications of surgical decisions. In that book, Mrs. Stern addressed the emotional after effects more than the procedures themselves. The courageous sharing of her own experience, a unique feat for a woman who’d spent her life as a professional educator, would have stood alone. But, that’s not the mold of a caring and motivated writer to educate others. She wanted to give authenticity to her subject . . . . . 

With success in her endeavor growing, Lois Stern was soon struck with another realization. The work wasn’t finished. Her audience was limited. Availability of such treatments to thousands who weren’t in a financial position to pursue the more drastic or costly measures for appearance improvement, but who, too,  were driven by the same natural unspoken rules that social and career oriented people must always look and feel their best. Youth ruled and appearance often determined who makes it and who doesn’t. That applies often in boy gets girl, girl get boy rituals, as well. How you look can affect your life’s paths. Rightly or wrongly, we are a vain society.

In Tick Tock Stop the Clock, the author employed the same vigor, determination and perseverance to provide authenticity. This time she focused on securing prominent and practicing professionals, many of whom were nationally acclaimed. Long hours of work produced eleven such co-authors to support Stern’s own writing prowess. Every appearance factor from non-invasive procedures to hair and dental health are covered in layman’s terms. It’s a journey into a common sense approach to looking and feeling your best.

You will begin to envision yourself as a raw hunk of granite just waiting for the sculptor to mold you into the most beautiful and durable work of art you can be. No one, regardless of rung on the social ladder, no one is exempt from the potential reading audience with Tick Tock Stop the Clock. I, a simple, esoteric not at all driven by vanity, but also a professional, recommend it highly."
Reviewed by Susan Haley
ndependent copy editor.
The audio version of her novel RAINY DAY PEOPLE was awarded the 2008 Indie Excellence National Book Awards.

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"Tick Tock, Stop the Clock, is a follow-up book to Lois Stern’s more introspective book, Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery, pulling together 11 nationally recognized expert’s writings on how to improve ones look. The uniqueness of this book, as compared to the first, is that the emphasis is on non-invasive procedures that can change ones appearance as opposed to evasive procedures (such as a face lift).

Each of the chapters is devoted to one of the experts who provide both an overview followed by a reasonably well detailed in-depth examination of the current procedures available and practiced in their particular field of specialization.

The experts span the gamut of non-invasive means for improving ones look. . . . Although the book is targeted primarily to a female audience, as a male, I can say that a significant portion of the material is applicable to both sexes. Whether that was a conscious decision of Lois when putting this book together, I have no idea, but it is in fact the reality of the material presented. Aging affects everyone; men included. It’s just with women that it is viewed more critically than with men.

Lois starts the book with an opening chapter and wraps it up with some thoughtful words about why how you feel about what you look like is important. It would seem reasonable that if you are interested in how you look that you should consider non-invasive procedures prior to pursuing invasive ones – both from a financial and medical perspective. How one feels about themselves is clearly dependent on how they look (to themselves and to others). The importance of that perception naturally varies from one person to the next, but for most people, there is a definite importance associated with it.
Tick Tock, Stop the Clock offers insight into procedures that are available to you if you wish to improve your self-perception. It provides a roadmap for a novice such as me and in that vein; it meets its intended goal." 
Reviewed by L.A. Little


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A collection of economically affordable ways that one can improve one's appearance without the need of expensive surgery. One doesn't need thousands of dollars of plastic surgery to enhance one's appearance. "Tick Tock, Stop the Clock: Getting Pretty On Your Lunch Hour" is a collection of economically affordable ways that one can improve one's appearance without the need of expensive surgery. Author Lois Stern distills the advice of many professionals into a solid compendium of knowledge. "Tick, Tock, Stop the Clock" is a something to consider even for those who are beautiful but would like to be more so. 

Reviewed by Midwest Book Review                                                                


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Attention Men! You, too, will find this book compelling.
"Ms. Stern's book is a compendium of ways in which we can achieve physical improvements and in most cases improve our self-image and our self-esteem. . . . And for you men out there, she included a section on hair restoration that is fabulous! I had no idea that men no longer need to "break the bank" in order to fill in those bald spots! Science moves on . . .  With most of us being rational human beings, we decide to do our due diligence and begin investigating the various means of achieving our goals. This may be exactly where you are in this effort. If so, then TICK TOCK, STOP THE CLOCK is for you! It is simply a "must read." You will learn all about the different methods being offered. If you are planning soon to talk to some professionals/non-professionals about what you would like to achieve, read this book first. You will find that your communication with them is less stressful, and you will come away with a better understanding of their services. This, of course, will enable you to make a better decision on whether or not to move ahead. 

I'd venture a bet that Ms. Stern brings up physical improvement topics that you've not even considered--that you didn't even know existed, and that you may even want to consider--now that you are aware of them. There are also new applications and new products that are scheduled for the marketplace in the near future. This kind of information could influence your current decision(s). I highly recommend her book to anyone who would like to improve their appearance, from applying daily makeup, to having a full face lift!" 
By  Virginia Frost DeBord (Marysville, WA USA) 

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" . . . In Tick, Tock, Stop the Clock Lois Stern has chronicled the modern approach to, as Brendon Jarrett sings, “lookin’ good, feelin’ good.  Methods available can be as non-invasive as spa indulgence and make-up techniques to more aggressive skin, hair and teeth enhancements, all the way to the cutting edge skills of the plastic surgeon.


The book is a guide for utilizing a small amount of time to produce a noticeable and self-gratifying change. If only one chapter is applicable, the results can be multifold."
Reviewed by Bernard G. Park,


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